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Frequently Asked Questions

How will people know what the lights mean?

  • Soon, everyone will know about the new C.S.S System! Many snowmobile magazines have featured articles about RideLite™ and club associations have had press release stories nationwide.
  • Ongoing marketing and state wide re-education programs
  • The RideLite™ is now being taught in most safety classes nation wide
  • 1000's of RideLite™ users are impacting trails everywhere!
  • The system is simple to understand - yellow means caution riders approaching and green means end of group.

Why not use a numbers system?

It’s proven unsafe. Trail tests with numbers displayed actually proved to be a distraction for approaching trail users. The approaching trail users tended to focus on reading the displayed number rather than focusing on the trail and or situation. The number system could not be read or understood at higher trail speeds and offered no long distance performance. It was also complex for the user in programming/cycling through numbers; when one rider changes his/her position with in the group format all the users would then have re-program or cycle through numbers.

What is the Group Monitoring Feature

It's a newly noted benefit that is exclusive to our system. The last rider displaying green allows the lead rider to easily watch over his or her group in all riding conditions. Even up to a 1/4 mile, when the green is on the scene you have your group

Do I need to press a button or push a switch every time I come upon a snowmobile or ATV?

No. You set your color to your position before you and your group heads out to the trails. It stays on all day.

RideLite™: Get Into the System! 
What if I change my position during the ride?

Just remember that everyone in a group is yellow except the last person, who is green.

What color should I use if I am riding alone?

Green, since you are alone, you are the last of your "group".

If I am last in my group, what should I do if I notice another group behind me?

Nothing. It is no different than the hand signal system. You are only responsible for the people in your group.

How does it work?

It is powered by the 12 volt DC system in your snowmobile. You will need to mount it to the left side of your snowmobile on the cowl or on the handlebar near the brake reservoir (only if your snowmobile has a low-profile windshield).

Why can’t I mount the RideLite™ to the snowmobile handlebar with a high windshield?

The RideLite™ is such a high-intensity light that the reflection from your windshield would cause you a great distraction – possibly causing an accident. Our goal is safety!

What happens if the people I am riding with do not have The RideLite™, but I do?

Congratulations to you for choosing to ride safe. Your friends could still choose to use the outdated, unsafe hand signal system. But remember, our goal is to get the RideLite™ onto every off-road vehicle we can to keep the sport safe!
We’re sure they’ll "see the light" and get into the system!

Will the RideLite™ work with larger group sizes?

Yes! The RideLite™ will accurately and easily handle any group size.

Can the RideLite™ be understood by color blind riders?

Yes, the lighting formats are different in all three functions.

How do I know what color or function I am displaying?

For peace mind, the RideLite™ offers two bright rear led indicators that indicate to the user the RideLite™ is on and what color he/she is displaying.

Is the RideLite™ bright enough to seen during the day?

Yes! The RideLite™ been seen and understood in any/all day light conditions. The RideLite™ offers super long range performance, even through wooded terrain.

Can the RideLite™ be seen in heavy snow conditions?

Yes! The RideLite™ will greatly increases the over all visibility of your snowmobile in all conditions.

Will the hazard mode work if my snowmobile is shut off or breaks down?

Yes! The RideLite™ includes a battery back-up. With a quick release feature the RideLite™ can quickly be used as a remote/hand held hazard light and can last up 20 hours in winter temperatures.

Can the RideLite™ work if my snowmobile does not have a electric start or or a battery?

Yes! The RideLite™ uses your snowmobile's electrical system. The RideLite™ only uses milli-volts to operate and will not hinder your snowmobile's electrical system in any way.

Is the RideLite™ easy to hook up?

Yes! It just takes two wires to hook up. Most installations are under 20 minutes.

Is the RideLite™ durable?

Yes! The RideLite™ has been tested for more than 4 years.

Can I use the RideLite™ on my dirt bike or atv?

Yes! The RideLite™ is designed and intended to help prevent accidents on all trails snow or dirt with two way traffic.

Can I receive a insurance discount by using the RideLite™?

Yes! Visit Sledinsure.com or simply call 1.800.562.6036 for details and qualifications.


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